LEAP programme

FibroIreland spent last year listening to patient needs and one thing that really stood out is that people aren’t been given a tailored treatment plan to manage their health.

LEAP is a 6 week pilot Lifestyle Education Awareness Programme that we’ve put together to help you get your health on track. It’s not about making big changes, it’s about making small changes and doing them consistently. It will also give you a better understanding of what affects your health and the areas of your life that you may need to look at.

There are 6 sessions. This is to give you time to absorb information and pace yourself. The programme takes 6 weeks in total.

This is a pilot scheme so if you want to take part in the next programme please email info@fibroireland.com.

Please note this course is not available online as part of the work is learning how you interact in groups.

Week 1 –  My Movement

Week 2 – Cycle of Change

Week 3 – Mapping the Patient Journey

Week 4 – My Nutrition

Week 5 – My Sleep

Week 6 – Creating a Personalised Health Plan